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Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships

In July of this year, Jamaica will see the 59th staging of the Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships at the Cinnamon Hill and Half Moon Golf Courses. This premier golfing event which started in 1957, has grown from a competition between Jamaica and Trinidad to a tournament that now includes top-flight players from nine (9) Caribbean countries. The event is one that is rich in history and has seen golfing and sporting giants participating, including Lindy Delapenha, John Smith, plus Robert Ames and John Bloomfield who have gone on to play professional golf.

Jamaica’s luxurious courses will be on show during the region’s premier event and as hosts, the island’s warm people and well-known hospitality will be on display.

We are proud to announce Jamaica’s team, as follows:

Hoerman Cup

  • Jonathan Newnham
  • Sean Morris
  • William Knibbs
  • Owen Samuda
  • Ian Facey
  • Zandre Roye – Reserve

Ramon Baez Cup

  • Gifford Wilmot
  • Mark Newnham
  • Robert Chin – Reserve

Francis & Steele Perkins Trophy

  • Keith Stein
  • Radcliff Knibbs
  • Greg Chong – Reserve

Higgs & Higgs Trophy

  • Peter Chin
  • Easton Williams
  • Gordon Hutchinson – Reserve

George Teale Trophy

  • Madeline Piccininni
  • Tiana Cruz
  • Kei Harris
  • Jodi Barrow – Reserve